adjective \ˈbrn\

: brought into life by the process of birth

: having certain qualities or characteristics from the time of birth

: brought into existence

Full Definition of BORN

a :  brought forth by or as if by birth
b :  native —usually used in combination <American-born>
c :  deriving or resulting from —usually used in combination <poverty-born crime>
a :  having from birth specified qualities <a born leader>
b :  being in specified circumstances from birth <nobly born> <born to wealth>
:  destined from or as if from birth <born to succeed>

Examples of BORN

  1. She was born in a hospital.
  2. He was born on a farm.
  3. She was born in Nigeria in 1911.
  4. The baby was born on July 31st.
  5. Their second son was born prematurely.
  6. Both twins were born healthy.

Origin of BORN

Middle English, from Old English boren, past participle of beran to carry — more at bear
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with BORN


biographical name \ˈbrn\

Definition of BORN

Max 1882–1970 Ger. physicist


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