adjective \ˈbr-ish\

Definition of BOORISH

:  resembling or befitting a boor (as in crude insensitivity)
boor·ish·ly adverb
boor·ish·ness noun

Examples of BOORISH

  1. <boorish behavior, such as yelling for service in restaurants>

First Known Use of BOORISH


Synonym Discussion of BOORISH

boorish, churlish, loutish, clownish mean uncouth in manners or appearance. boorish implies rudeness of manner due to insensitiveness to others' feelings and unwillingness to be agreeable <a drunk's boorish behavior>. churlish suggests surliness, unresponsiveness, and ungraciousness <churlish remarks>. loutish implies bodily awkwardness together with stupidity <a loutish oaf>. clownish suggests ill-bred awkwardness, ignorance or stupidity, ungainliness, and often a propensity for absurd antics <an adolescent's clownish conduct>.

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