verb \ˈbläch\

Definition of BLOTCH

transitive verb
:  to mark or mar with blotches

Examples of BLOTCH

  1. <blotched the bedroom walls with various shades of blue to give them a textured effect>
  2. <my pen leaked and blotched my shirt pocket>

First Known Use of BLOTCH




: a usually dark-colored spot especially on the skin

Full Definition of BLOTCH

:  a spot or mark (as of color or ink) especially when large or irregular
blotch·i·ly \ˈblä-chə-lē\ adverb
blotchy \ˈblä-chē\ adjective

Examples of BLOTCH

  1. blotches on the tree's leaves
  2. <a dog with a single small blotch of black>

Origin of BLOTCH

perhaps blend of 1blot and 3botch
First Known Use: 1619


noun \ˈbläch\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of BLOTCH

: a discolored patch on the skin <the face and neck were covered with large reddish blotches>
blotch transitive verb
blotchy \-ē\ adjective


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