noun \ˈble-nē\
plural blennies

Definition of BLENNY

:  any of numerous usually small and elongated marine fishes (especially families Blenniidae and Clinidae) including scaled and scaleless forms

Origin of BLENNY

Latin blennius, a sea fish, from Greek blennos
First Known Use: 1769

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Shanny (Blennius pholis), a common European blenny—Jane Burton—Bruce Coleman Ltd.

Any of numerous and diverse fishes (suborder Blenniodei, order Perciformes) that are mostly small, marine species found from tropical to cold seas. Blennies are slim, ranging from moderately elongated to very long and eel-like. Their habitats range from rocky pools to sandy beaches, reefs, and beds of kelp. Many live in shallow water, but some range to depths of about 1,500 ft (450 m). Some are mainly herbivores; others are partial or complete carnivores. They are generally unobtrusive and of little economic importance.


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