noun, pen·ny often attributive \ˈpe-nē\

: a coin or a unit of money equal to 1/100 of a dollar

: a coin or a unit of money equal to 1/100 of a British pound

: a British coin used before 1971 that was equal to 1/12 of a shilling

plural pennies \-nēz\ or pence \ˈpen(t)s\

Full Definition of PENNY

a :  a monetary unit of the United Kingdom formerly equal to 1240 pound but now equal to 1100 pound
b :  a similar monetary unit of any of various other countries in or formerly in the Commonwealth of Nations — see pound at money table
c :  a coin representing one penny
:  denarius
plural pennies :  cent
:  a former monetary unit equal to 1100 Irish pound
:  a trivial amount
:  a piece or sum of money <that will cost a pretty penny>

Origin of PENNY

Middle English, from Old English penning, penig; akin to Old High German pfenning, a coin
First Known Use: before 12th century

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