noun \ˈblaŋ-kət\

: a covering made of cloth that is used especially on a bed to keep you warm

: a mass of something that covers an area

: a general mood

Full Definition of BLANKET

a :  a large usually oblong piece of woven fabric used as a bed covering
b :  a similar piece of fabric used as a body covering (as for an animal) <a horse blanket>
:  something that resembles a blanket <a blanket of fog> <a blanket of gloom>
:  a rubber or plastic sheet on the cylinder in an offset press that transfers the image to the surface being printed
blan·ket·like \-ˌlīk\ adjective

Examples of BLANKET

  1. It's going to get cold tonight so you may need extra blankets.
  2. <a blanket of fog concealed the view of the harbor>

Origin of BLANKET

Middle English, white woolen cloth, bed covering, from Anglo-French blankete, from blanc white — more at blank
First Known Use: 14th century



: to cover (something)

Full Definition of BLANKET

transitive verb
:  to cover with or as if with a blanket <new grass blankets the slope>
a :  to cover so as to obscure, interrupt, suppress, or extinguish <blanket a fire with foam>
b :  to interrupt the smooth flow of wind to (as a downwind ship)
c :  to apply or cause to apply to uniformly despite wide separation or diversity among the elements included <freight rates that blanket a region>
d :  to cause to be included <automatically blanketed into the program><towns blanketed into the district>

Examples of BLANKET

  1. Ice was blanketing the bay.
  2. The fields were blanketed with flowers.

First Known Use of BLANKET




: affecting or applying to everyone or everything

Full Definition of BLANKET

:  effective or applicable in all instances
:  covering all members of a group or class <a blanket wage increase>

Examples of BLANKET

  1. a blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens
  2. a blanket ban on use of the chemical

First Known Use of BLANKET



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