adjective \ˈbland\

: not interesting or exciting

: lacking strong flavor

: showing no emotion, concern, etc.

Full Definition of BLAND

a :  smooth and soothing in manner or quality <a bland smile>
b :  exhibiting no personal concern or embarrassment :  unperturbed <a bland confession of guilt>
a :  not irritating, stimulating, or invigorating :  soothing
b :  dull, insipid <bland stories with little plot or action>
bland·ly \ˈblan(d)-lē\ adverb
bland·ness \ˈblan(d)-nəs\ noun

Examples of BLAND

  1. The vegetable soup was rather bland.
  2. The diplomat's bland statement did nothing to calm the situation.

Origin of BLAND

Latin blandus
First Known Use: 1565


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