adjective \ˈbig\

: large in size

: large in number or amount

: involving or including many people, things, etc.


Full Definition of BIG

a obsolete :  of great strength
b :  of great force <a big storm>
a :  large or great in dimensions, bulk, or extent <a big house>; also :  large or great in quantity, number, or amount <a big fleet>
b :  operating on a large scale <big government>
c :  capital 1
a :  pregnant; especially :  nearly ready to give birth
b :  full to bursting :  swelling <big with rage>
c of the voice :  full and resonant
a :  chief, preeminent <the big issue of the campaign>
b :  outstandingly worthy or able <a truly big man>
c :  of great importance or significance <the big moment>
d :  imposing, pretentious; also :  marked by or given to boasting <big talk>
e :  magnanimous, generous <was big about it>
:  popular <soft drinks are very big in Mexico — Russ Leadabrand>
:  full-bodied and flavorful —used of wine
big·ly adverb
big·ness noun
big on
:  strongly favoring or liking; also :  noted for <she is big on blushing — Arnold Hano>

Examples of BIG

  1. a big glass of soda
  2. She moved to a bigger city.
  3. the biggest city in the state
  4. He led a big group through the museum.
  5. She works for a big company.
  6. He organized a big advertising campaign.
  7. We had a big fund-raiser for the school.

Origin of BIG

Middle English, perhaps of Scandinavian origin; akin to Norwegian dialect bugge important man
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with BIG



: in a big way

: in a way that is meant to impress people

Full Definition of BIG

:  in a loud or declamatory manner; also :  in a boasting manner <talk big>
a :  to a large amount or extent <won big>
b :  on a large scale <think big>
:  hard <hits her forehand big>

Examples of BIG

  1. He talks big about his plans, but he hasn't done much yet.

First Known Use of BIG




Definition of BIG

:  an individual or organization of outstanding importance or power; especially :  major league —usually used in plural <playing in the bigs>

Examples of BIG

  1. <with that new promotion he's now one of the bigs in the company>
  2. <when a candidate is running for president, he's playing in the bigs and cannot afford to make major mistakes>

First Known Use of BIG



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