verb \ˈbīd\
bode \ˈbōd\ or bid·edbidedbid·ing

Definition of BIDE

transitive verb
past usually bided :  to wait for —used chiefly in the phrase bide one's time
archaic :  withstand <two men … might bide the winter storm — W. C. Bryant>
chiefly dialect :  to put up with :  tolerate
intransitive verb
:  to continue in a state or condition
:  to wait awhile :  tarry
:  to continue in a place :  sojourn
bid·er noun

Examples of BIDE

  1. <how long are you going to bide in this unhappy marriage?>
  2. <at my advanced age I simply cannot bide young children>

Origin of BIDE

Middle English, from Old English bīdan; akin to Old High German bītan to wait, Latin fidere to trust, Greek peithesthai to believe
First Known Use: before 12th century
BIDED Defined for Kids


verb \ˈbīd\
bode \ˈbōd\ or bid·ed \ˈbī-dəd\bid·edbid·ing

Definition of BIDE for Kids

:  to wait or wait for <bide a while>


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