preposition \bi-ˈsīd, bē-\

: by the side of (someone or something) : next to (someone or something)

: in comparison with (something)

Full Definition of BESIDE

a :  by the side of <walk beside me>
b :  in comparison with
c :  on a par with
:  besides
:  not relevant to <beside the point>
beside oneself
:  in a state of extreme excitement

Examples of BESIDE

  1. She sat beside him during dinner.
  2. The man beside her was wearing a brown suit and hat.
  3. They were walking beside me.
  4. Stand beside the statue and I'll take your picture.
  5. Their house is beside a small lake.
  6. These problems seem unimportant beside the potential benefits of the new system.

Origin of BESIDE

Middle English, adverb & preposition, from Old English be sīdan at or to the side, from be at (from ) + sīdan, dative & accusative of sīde side — more at by
First Known Use: 13th century

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Definition of BESIDE

archaic :  nearby
archaic :  besides

First Known Use of BESIDE

14th century


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