adjective \bi-ˈreft\

: sad because a family member or friend has died

Full Definition of BEREFT

a :  deprived or robbed of the possession or use of something —usually used with of <both players are instantly bereft of their poise — A. E. Wier>
b :  lacking something needed, wanted, or expected —used with of <the book is … completely bereft of an index — Times Literary Supplement>
:  suffering the death of a loved one :  bereaved <a bereft mother>

Examples of BEREFT

  1. <to one investigator, the bereft woman seemed to be taking the sudden death of her rich husband amazingly well>
  2. <a cheap motel completely bereft of all amenities>
  3. She finds the child's mother, alone, who has apparently gone into the woods just to cry. The bereft mother is played by Julianne Moore. —Stanley Kauffmann, New Republic, 31 Jan. 2000

Origin of BEREFT

(see bereave)
First Known Use: 1565

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