adjective \bə-ˈnev-lənt, -ˈne-və-\

: kind and generous

: organized to do good things for other people

Full Definition of BENEVOLENT

a :  marked by or disposed to doing good <a benevolent donor>
b :  organized for the purpose of doing good <a benevolent society>
:  marked by or suggestive of goodwill <benevolent smiles>
be·nev·o·lent·ly adverb
be·nev·o·lent·ness noun

Examples of BENEVOLENT

  1. a gift from a benevolent donor
  2. He belonged to several benevolent societies and charitable organizations.
  3. Trees that size are like whales, sort of benevolent in their huge bulk … —Sebastian Junger, This Old House, March/April 1998


Middle English, from Latin benevolent-, benevolens, from bene + volent-, volens, present participle of velle to wish — more at will
First Known Use: 15th century

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