: a short, high sound made by a horn, an electronic device, etc.

Full Definition of BEEP

transitive verb
:  to cause (as a horn) to sound
intransitive verb
:  to sound a horn
:  to make a beep

Examples of BEEP

  1. the beep of a car horn
  2. Please leave a message after the beep.

First Known Use of BEEP



noun \ˈbēp\

: to cause (a horn, an electronic device, etc.) to make a beep

: to send a message to (someone) with a beeper

Full Definition of BEEP

:  a short usually high-pitched sound (as from a horn or an electronic device) that serves as a signal or warning

Examples of BEEP

  1. Why did you beep your horn at her?
  2. She beeped at me first.
  3. Something is beeping in the kitchen.
  4. I could hear a beeping noise.

Origin of BEEP

First Known Use: 1943


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