noun bari·tone \ˈber-ə-ˌtōn, ˈba-rə-\

music : a man's singing voice that is higher than the voice of the bass and lower than the voice of the tenor; also : a singer who has such a voice

Full Definition of BARITONE

:  a male singing voice of medium compass between bass and tenor; also :  a person having this voice
:  a member of a family of instruments having a range between tenor and bass; especially :  the baritone saxhorn or baritone saxophone
bari·ton·al \ˌbar-ə-ˈtō-nəl\ adjective

Variants of BARITONE

bari·tone also bary·tone \ˈber-ə-ˌtōn, ˈba-rə-\

Examples of BARITONE

  1. He sang in his school choir as a baritone.

Origin of BARITONE

French baryton or Italian baritono, from Greek barytonos deep sounding, from barys heavy + tonos tone — more at grieve
First Known Use: 1609



: having a range that is higher than a bass and lower than a tenor

Full Definition of BARITONE

:  relating to or having the range or part of a baritone

Variants of BARITONE

baritone also barytone

First Known Use of BARITONE

BARITONAL Defined for Kids


noun bari·tone \ˈber-ə-ˌtōn\

Definition of BARITONE for Kids

:  a male singing voice between bass and tenor in range
:  a singer having a baritone voice


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