noun \ˈbärj\

: a large boat that has a flat bottom and that is used to carry goods in harbors and on rivers and canals

Full Definition of BARGE

:  any of various boats: as
a :  a roomy usually flat-bottomed boat used chiefly for the transport of goods on inland waterways and usually propelled by towing
b :  a large motorboat supplied to the flag officer of a flagship
c :  a roomy pleasure boat; especially :  a boat of state elegantly furnished and decorated

Origin of BARGE

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin barca
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Nautical Terms

avast, aweigh, flotsam, jib, keel, lee, port, starboard, stay

Rhymes with BARGE



: to move or push in a fast, awkward, and often rude way


Full Definition of BARGE

transitive verb
:  to carry by barge
intransitive verb
:  to move ponderously or clumsily
:  to thrust oneself heedlessly or unceremoniously <barged into the meeting>

Examples of BARGE

  1. He came rushing down the stairs, barging into the crowd of people at the bottom.
  2. She barged through the door without even knocking.

First Known Use of BARGE



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