adjective \ˈb-kē sometimes ˈbl-\

: not doing what is wanted or expected


Full Definition of BALKY

:  refusing or likely to refuse to proceed, act, or function as directed or expected <a balky mule> <a balky engine>
balk·i·ness noun

Examples of BALKY

  1. <a balky toddler who only seemed to know the word no when told to do something>

First Known Use of BALKY


Synonym Discussion of BALKY

contrary, perverse, restive, balky, wayward mean inclined to resist authority or control. contrary implies a temperamental unwillingness to accept orders or advice <a contrary child>. perverse may imply wrongheaded, determined, or cranky opposition to what is reasonable or normal <a perverse, intractable critic>. restive suggests unwillingness or inability to submit to discipline or follow orders <tired soldiers growing restive>. balky suggests a refusing to proceed in a desired direction or course of action <a balky witness>. wayward suggests strong-willed capriciousness and irregularity in behavior <a school for wayward youths>.

Rhymes with BALKY

BALKIEST Defined for Kids


adjective \ˈb-kē\

Definition of BALKY for Kids

:  likely to stop or refuse to go <a balky engine>


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