verb \ə-ˈwāk\

: to stop sleeping : to wake up

awoke \-ˈwōk\ also awaked \-ˈwākt\ awo·ken \-ˈwō-kən\ or awaked also awokeawak·ing

Full Definition of AWAKE

intransitive verb
:  to cease sleeping
:  to become aroused or active again
:  to become conscious or aware of something <awoke to the possibilities>
transitive verb
:  to arouse from sleep or a sleeplike state <awoken by the storm>
:  to make active :  stir up <awoke old memories>

Examples of AWAKE

  1. She fell asleep immediately but awoke an hour later.
  2. I awoke several times during the night.
  3. The baby awoke from his nap.
  4. The alarm awoke me early.
  5. They were awoken by a loud bang.

Origin of AWAKE

Middle English awaken (from Old English awacan, onwacan, from 1a-, on + wacan to awake) & awakien, from Old English awacian, from 1a- + wacian to be awake — more at wake
First Known Use: before 12th century

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: not asleep

Full Definition of AWAKE

:  fully conscious, alert, and aware :  not asleep

Examples of AWAKE

  1. Drinking coffee keeps him awake.
  2. I am so tired I can barely stay awake.
  3. She was lying awake, tossing and turning.
  4. One moment she was sleeping soundly—the next she was wide awake.

First Known Use of AWAKE

13th century


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