verb at·tend \ə-ˈtend\

: to go to and be present at (an event, meeting, etc.)

: to regularly go to (classes, church services, etc.)

: to help or care for (someone, such as a patient)

Full Definition of ATTEND

transitive verb
:  to pay attention to
:  to look after :  take charge of <campsites…attended by park rangers — Jackson Rivers>
a :  to go or stay with as a companion, nurse, or servant
b :  to visit professionally especially as a physician
a :  to wait for
b :  to be in store for
:  to be present with :  accompany
:  to be present at :  go to <attend law school>
intransitive verb
:  to apply oneself <attend to your work>
:  to apply the mind or pay attention :  heed
a :  to be ready for service <ministers who attend upon the king>
b :  to be present
obsolete :  wait, stay
:  to direct one's attention :  see <I'll attend to that>
at·tend·er noun

Examples of ATTEND

  1. My husband and I will both attend the banquet.
  2. How many people attended the baseball game?
  3. He won't be attending the conference.
  4. How many people will be attending?
  5. She attends a school in the city.
  6. He'll be attending the university in the fall.
  7. I am the first child in my family to attend college.
  8. We attend the same church.
  9. Each nurse attends 15 patients.
  10. A midwife attended the birth.

Origin of ATTEND

Middle English, from Anglo-French atendre, from Latin attendere, literally, to stretch to, from ad- + tendere to stretch — more at thin
First Known Use: 14th century


transitive verb at·tend \ə-ˈtend\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of ATTEND

:  to visit or stay with professionally as a physician or nurse
at·tend·er noun


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