noun \ə-ˈten-dən(t)s\

: the number of people present at an event, meeting, etc.

: the act of being present at a place

: a record of how often a person goes to classes, meetings, etc.

Full Definition of ATTENDANCE

:  the act or fact of attending <a physician in attendance>
a :  the persons or number of persons attending; also :  an account of persons attending <the teacher took attendance before starting class>
b :  the number of times a person attends

Examples of ATTENDANCE

  1. The team wants to double attendance at its games this season.
  2. Attendance is down so far this season.
  3. Museum attendances in the city have been increasing in recent years.
  4. Her grades are good, but how's her attendance?

First Known Use of ATTENDANCE

14th century


noun \ə-ˈten-dən(t)s\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of ATTENDANCE

: service at a hospital <a physician in attendance>


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