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at full throttle

Definition of at full throttle

  1. :  as fast as possible <She drove at full throttle.> <The project is proceeding at full throttle.>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  containing as much or as many as is possible or normal

    :  complete especially in detail, number, or duration

    :  lacking restraint, check, or qualification

  1. :  very, extremely

    :  entirely

    :  straight, squarely

  1. :  the highest or fullest state or degree

    :  the utmost extent

  1. :  to become full

    :  to make full in sewing

  1. :  to shrink and thicken (woolen cloth) by moistening, heating, and pressing

  1. :  to compress the throat of :  choke

    :  to kill by such action

    :  to prevent or check expression or activity of :  suppress

  1. :  throat

    :  trachea

    :  a valve for regulating the supply of a fluid (as steam) to an engine

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