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at any rate

Definition of at any rate

  1. —used to indicate that something is true or certain regardless of what else has happened or been said <It is possible that she was nervous. At any rate, her singing was still good.> <This restaurant has the best food—or at any rate, the best pasta dishes—in the city.> <At any rate, cooking with fresh ingredients makes everything taste better.>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to rebuke angrily or violently

    :  to drive away by scolding

    :  to voice angry reprimands

  1. :  reckoned value :  valuation

    :  estimation

    :  a fixed quantity

  1. :  allot

    :  to set an estimate on :  value, esteem

    :  to determine or assign the relative rank or class of :  grade

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