noun \ˈas-ˌflt also ˈash-, especially British -ˌfalt\

: a black substance that is used for making roads

Full Definition of ASPHALT

:  a dark bituminous substance that is found in natural beds and is also obtained as a residue in petroleum refining and that consists chiefly of hydrocarbons
:  an asphaltic composition used for pavements and as a waterproof cement
as·phal·tic \as-ˈfl-tik, especially British -ˈfal-\ adjective

Variants of ASPHALT

as·phalt also as·phal·tum \as-ˈfl-təm, especially British -ˈfal-\

Origin of ASPHALT

Middle English aspalt, from Late Latin aspaltus, from Greek asphaltos
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Civil Engineering Terms

asphalt, ballast, barrage, cantilever, infrastructure, sluice



Definition of ASPHALT

transitive verb
:  to cover with asphalt :  pave 1

First Known Use of ASPHALT

circa 1859

Other Civil Engineering Terms

ballast, barrage, cantilever, infrastructure, sluice


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Black or brown petroleum-like material that has a consistency varying from viscous liquid to glassy solid. It is obtained either as a residue from the distillation of petroleum or from natural deposits. Asphalt consists of compounds of hydrogen and carbon with minor proportions of nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen. It softens when heated and is elastic under certain conditions. Used principally in road surfacing, asphalt is also used for roofs, coatings, floor tilings, and waterproofing, and in industrial products.


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