noun \a-ˈsper-ə-tē, ə-, -ˈspe-rə-\

: harshness of behavior or speech that expresses bitterness or anger

plural as·per·i·ties

Full Definition of ASPERITY

a :  roughness of surface :  unevenness; also :  a tiny projection from a surface
b :  roughness of sound
:  roughness of manner or of temper :  harshness <asked with some asperity just what they were implying>

Examples of ASPERITY

  1. <doesn't like the asperity of most experimental music>
  2. <she responded with such asperity that we knew she was deeply offended by the question>

Origin of ASPERITY

Middle English asprete, from Anglo-French aspreté, from aspre rough, from Latin asper, from Old Latin *absperos, from ab- ab- + -speros; akin to Sanskrit apasphura repelling, Latin spernere to spurn — more at spurn
First Known Use: 13th century


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