noun ar·chive \ˈär-ˌkīv\

: a place in which public records or historical materials (such as documents) are kept; also : the material that is stored in an archive

Full Definition of ARCHIVE

:  a place in which public records or historical documents are preserved; also :  the material preserved —often used in plural
:  a repository or collection especially of information

Examples of ARCHIVE

  1. an archive of historical manuscripts
  2. The original movie was stored in a film archive.
  3. He has been reading through the archives to research his article on the town's history.

Origin of ARCHIVE

French & Latin; French, from Latin archivum, from Greek archeion government house (in plural, official documents), from archē rule, government — more at arch-
First Known Use: 1603

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: to collect and store materials (such as recordings, documents, or computer files) so that they can be found and used when they are needed


Full Definition of ARCHIVE

transitive verb
:  to file or collect in or as if in an archive <archive documents> <archived tissue samples>

Examples of ARCHIVE

  1. The organization was devoted to cataloging and archiving printed materials on the labor movement.
  2. She archived her e-mail messages in a folder on her hard drive.
  3. a collection of archived articles

First Known Use of ARCHIVE

ARCHIVED Defined for Kids


noun ar·chive \ˈär-ˌkīv\

Definition of ARCHIVE for Kids

:  a place in which public records or historical papers are saved


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