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noun ap·pli·ca·tion \ˌa-plə-ˈkā-shən\

Definition of application

  1. 1 :  an act of applying: a (1) :  an act of putting to use <application of new techniques> (2) :  a use to which something is put <new applications for old remedies> (3) :  a program (as a word processor or a spreadsheet) that performs one of the major tasks for which a computer is used b :  an act of administering or superposing <application of paint to a house> c :  assiduous attention <succeeds by application to her studies>

  2. 2 a :  request, petition <an application for financial aid> b :  a form used in making a request

  3. 3 :  the practical inference to be derived from a discourse (as a moral tale)

  4. 4 :  a medicated or protective layer or material <an oily application for dry skin>

  5. 5 :  capacity for practical use <words of varied application>

Examples of application in a sentence

  1. Our loan application has been approved.

  2. Anyone interested in running for office must file an application by August 1st.

  3. If you'd like to be considered for the job, please send us a letter of application that gives your experience and qualifications.

  4. Please fill out this application.

  5. The application of heat often helps sore muscles.

  6. Repeated application of fertilizer will help the grass become green and healthy.

  7. Repeated applications of fertilizer will help the grass become green and healthy.

  8. The cut should be treated with a generous application of ointment.

  9. Strict application of the rules is necessary in this case.

  10. the application of new information

Origin of application

Middle English applicacioun, from Latin application-, applicatio inclination, from applicare

First Known Use: 15th century

Other Computer-Related Terms

Rhymes with application

abdication, aberration, abjuration, abnegation, abrogation, acceptation, acclamation, accusation, activation, adaptation, adjuration, admiration, adoration, adulation, adumbration, affectation, affirmation, aggravation, aggregation, agitation, allegation, allocation, amputation, alteration, altercation, animation, annexation, annotation, appellation, approbation, arbitration, arrogation, aspiration, assignation, attestation, augmentation, automation, aviation, avocation, blaxploitation, botheration, calculation, calibration, cancellation, carbonation, castigation, celebration, cerebration, chlorination, circulation, cogitation, collocation, coloration, combination, comfort station, commendation, commutation, compensation, complication, computation, concentration, condemnation, condensation, confirmation, confiscation, conflagration, conformation, confrontation, congregation, conjugation, connotation, consecration, conservation, consolation, constellation, consternation, constipation, consultation, consummation, contemplation, conurbation, conversation, convocation, copulation, coronation, corporation, correlation, corrugation, crenellation, crop rotation, culmination, cultivation, cumulation, cybernation, decimation, declamation, declaration, declination, decoration, dedication, defamation, defecation, deformation, degradation, dehydration, delectation, delegation, demarcation, demonstration, denigration, denotation, depilation, deportation, depravation, depredation, deputation, derivation, derogation, desecration, designation, desolation, desperation, destination, detestation, detonation, devastation, deviation, dislocation, dispensation, disputation, dissertation, dissipation, distillation, divination, domination, education, elevation, elongation, emanation, embarkation, embrocation, emendation, emigration, emulation, enervation, escalation, estimation, evocation, exaltation, excavation, excitation, exclamation, exculpation, execration, exhalation, exhortation, exhumation, expectation, expiation, expiration, explanation, explication, exploitation, exploration, exportation, expurgation, extirpation, exultation, fabrication, fascination, federation, fenestration, fermentation, fibrillation, figuration, filling station, fire station, flagellation, fluoridation, fluctuation, forestation, formulation, fornication, fragmentation, fulmination, fumigation, gene mutation, generation, germination, glaciation, graduation, granulation, gravitation, habitation, hesitation, hibernation, hyphenation, ideation, imitation, immigration, immolation, implantation, implication, importation, imprecation, imputation, incantation, incarnation, inclination, incrustation, incubation, indentation, indication, indignation, infestation, infiltration, inflammation, information, inhalation, innovation, inspiration, installation, instigation, insulation, integration, intimation, intonation, inundation, invitation, invocation, irrigation, irritation, iteration, jubilation, laceration, lamentation, lamination, legislation, levitation, liberation, limitation, lineation, liquidation, litigation, lubrication, lucubration, maceration, machination, malformation, masturbation, maturation, mediation, medication, meditation, melioration, menstruation, ministration, mitigation, moderation, modulation, molestation, motivation, mutilation, navigation, nomination, obfuscation, objurgation, obligation, observation, occupation, operation, orchestration, ordination, oscillation, osculation, ostentation, ovulation, oxidation, pagination, palpitation, penetration, percolation, perforation, permeation, permutation, perpetration, perspiration, perturbation, pigmentation, pixilation, police station, pollination, population, postulation, power station, predication, preparation, presentation, preservation, proclamation, procreation, profanation, prolongation, promulgation, propagation, prorogation, protestation, provocation, publication, punctuation, radiation, recantation, recitation, reclamation, re-creation, recreation, reformation, refutation, registration, regulation, rehydration, relaxation, relocation, renovation, reparation, replication, reprobation, reputation, reservation, resignation, respiration, restoration, retardation, revelation, revocation, ruination, rumination, rustication, salutation, sanitation, saturation, segmentation, segregation, separation, sequestration, service station, sexploitation, simulation, situation, speciation, speculation, spoliation, stimulation, stipulation, strangulation, structuration, stylization, subjugation, sublimation, suffocation, syncopation, syndication, tabulation, termination, T formation, titillation, toleration, transfer station, transformation, translocation, transmigration, transmutation, transpiration, transplantation, transportation, trepidation, tribulation, ulceration, ululation, undulation, urination, vaccination, vacillation, validation, valuation, variation, vegetation, veneration, ventilation, vindication, violation, visitation, weather station

APPLICATION Defined for Kids


noun ap·pli·ca·tion \ˌa-plə-ˈkā-shən\

Definition of application for Students

  1. 1 :  the act or an instance of applying <application of the rules> <One application of paint should cover the wall well enough.>

  2. 2 :  something put or spread on a surface <The nurse put cold applications on the sprained ankle.>

  3. 3 :  1request 1 <an application for a job>

  4. 4 :  a document used to make a request for something <You have to fill out an application.>

  5. 5 :  ability to be put to practical use <The tool has a number of applications.>

  6. 6 :  a computer program (as a word processor or browser)

Medical Dictionary


noun ap·pli·ca·tion \ˌap-lə-ˈkā-shən\

Medical Definition of application

  1. 1:  an act of applying <the application of a dressing to a wound>

  2. 2:  a medicated or protective layer or material <an oily application for dry skin>

Law Dictionary


noun ap·pli·ca·tion

Legal Definition of application

  1. :  a request for action or relief <most applications request bail…or an extension of time to file — W. J. Brennan, Jr.>; also :  a form used to make such a request <an insurance application>

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