adjective anom·a·lous \ə-ˈnä-mə-ləs\

: not expected or usual

Full Definition of ANOMALOUS

:  inconsistent with or deviating from what is usual, normal, or expected :  irregular, unusual
a :  of uncertain nature or classification
b :  marked by incongruity or contradiction :  paradoxical
anom·a·lous·ly adverb
anom·a·lous·ness noun

Examples of ANOMALOUS

  1. Researchers could not explain the anomalous test results.
  2. <that was an anomalous year for the housing industry, so the number of starts is anything but typical>


Late Latin anomalus, from Greek anōmalos, literally, uneven, from a- + homalos even, from homos same — more at same
First Known Use: 1655

Synonym Discussion of ANOMALOUS

irregular, anomalous, unnatural mean not conforming to rule, law, or custom. irregular implies not conforming to a law or regulation imposed for the sake of uniformity in method, practice, or conduct <concerned about his irregular behavior>. anomalous implies not conforming to what might be expected because of the class or type to which it belongs or the laws that govern its existence <her drive made her an anomalous figure in a sleepy organization>. unnatural suggests what is contrary to nature or to principles or standards felt to be essential to the well-being of civilized society <prisoners treated with unnatural cruelty>.
ANOMALOUSLY Defined for Kids


adjective anom·a·lous \ə-ˈnä-mə-ləs\

Definition of ANOMALOUS for Kids

:  not regular or usual <anomalous test results>
Medical Dictionary


adjective anom·a·lous \ə-ˈnäm-ə-ləs\

Medical Definition of ANOMALOUS

:  deviating from normal <anomalous development> <anomalous pulmonary venous drainage—Physicians' Current Procedural Terminology>; specifically :  having abnormal vision with respect to a particular color but not color-blind <she was almost red anomalousNature>


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