verb \ə-ˈnint\

: to put oil on (someone) as part of a religious ceremony

: to officially or formally choose (someone) to do or to be something

Full Definition of ANOINT

transitive verb
:  to smear or rub with oil or an oily substance
a :  to apply oil to as a sacred rite especially for consecration
b :  to choose by or as if by divine election; also :  to designate as if by a ritual anointment <critics anointed the author as the bright new talent>
anoint·er noun
anoint·ment \-mənt\ noun

Examples of ANOINT

  1. The magazine anointed her the most popular actress of the year.
  2. <anoint the wound with antiseptic to prevent infection>

Origin of ANOINT

Middle English, from Anglo-French enoint, past participle of enoindre, from Latin inunguere, from in- + unguere to smear — more at ointment
First Known Use: 14th century


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