verb \ˈād\

: to provide what is useful or necessary

Full Definition of AID

transitive verb
:  to provide with what is useful or necessary in achieving an end
intransitive verb
:  to give assistance
aid·er noun

Examples of AID

  1. They gave money in order to aid the cause.
  2. She aided them in their efforts.
  3. He jumped into the water to aid the drowning child.
  4. a home run that was aided by the wind
  5. She aided the government in the attempt to fight illiteracy.

Origin of AID

Middle English eyden, from Anglo-French aider, from Latin adjutare, frequentative of adjuvare, from ad- + juvare to help
First Known Use: 15th century



: the act of helping someone : help or assistance given to someone

: something (such as money, food, or equipment) that is given by a government or an organization to help the people in a country or area where many people are suffering because of poverty, disease, etc.

: money that is given to a student to help pay for the cost of attending a school

Full Definition of AID

:  a subsidy granted to the king by the English parliament until the 18th century for an extraordinary purpose
a :  the act of helping
b :  help given :  assistance <providing aid and comfort>; specifically :  tangible means of assistance (as money or supplies)
a :  aide
b :  something by which assistance is given :  an assisting device <an aid to understanding> <a visual aid>; especially :  hearing aid
:  a tribute paid by a vassal to his lord

Examples of AID

  1. The project was completed with the aid of several students.
  2. The work was done with the aid of a computer.
  3. The government has given millions of dollars in economic aid to these nations.
  4. She applied for financial aid in order to go to college.
  5. The diagram is provided as an aid to understanding.
  6. The computer is an aid to keeping costs down.
  7. He teaches art with visual aids.

First Known Use of AID

15th century



Definition of AID

Agency for International Development
artificial insemination by donor

Other Economics Terms

actuary, compound interest, globalization, indemnity, portfolio, rentier, stagflation, usurer
AIDING Defined for Kids


verb \ˈād\

Definition of AID for Kids

:  to provide what is useful or necessary :  help <“… might not your energies have been better directed toward finding and aiding your master?” — J. K. Rowling, Goblet of Fire>



Definition of AID for Kids

:  the act of helping
:  help given <The teacher sought the aid of several students for the project.>
:  someone or something that is of help or assistance <The compass is an aid to navigation.>
Medical Dictionary


noun \ˈād\

Medical Definition of AID

:  the act of helping or treating; also :  the help or treatment given <in need of immediate medical aid>
:  an assisting person or group <a laboratory aid>—compare aide
:  something by which assistance is given :  an assisting device <a visual aid>; especially :  hearing aid


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