adjective \ə-ˈgrē-ə-bəl\

: pleasing to the mind or senses

: ready or willing to agree : willing to do or allow something

: able to be accepted

Full Definition of AGREEABLE

:  pleasing to the mind or senses especially as according well with one's tastes or needs <an agreeable companion> <an agreeable change>
:  ready or willing to agree or consent
:  being in harmony :  consonant
agree·abil·i·ty \-ˌgrē-ə-ˈbi-lə-tē\ noun
agree·able·ness \-ˈgrē-ə-bəl-nəs\ noun
agree·ably \-blē\ adverb

Examples of AGREEABLE

  1. He's a very agreeable young man.
  2. Traffic is one of the less agreeable aspects of city life.
  3. They spent an agreeable evening together.
  4. I suggested that we leave early, and she seemed agreeable.

First Known Use of AGREEABLE

14th century

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