noun \ə-ˈfer\

affairs : work or activities done for a purpose : commercial, professional, public, or personal business

: a matter that concerns or involves someone

: a secret sexual relationship between two people

Full Definition of AFFAIR

a plural :  commercial, professional, public, or personal business
b :  matter, concern
:  a procedure, action, or occasion only vaguely specified; also :  an object or collection of objects only vaguely specified <their house was a 2-story affair>
also af·faire
a :  a romantic or passionate attachment typically of limited duration :  liaison 2b
b :  a matter occasioning public anxiety, controversy, or scandal :  case

Examples of AFFAIR

  1. After the war, the government focused on its own domestic affairs.
  2. They accused the U.S. of interfering in the internal affairs of other nations.
  3. How I choose to live is my affair, not yours.
  4. adulterous affairs between married men and single women

Origin of AFFAIR

Middle English afere, from Anglo-French afaire, from a faire to do
First Known Use: 14th century


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