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adjective af·fa·ble \ˈa-fə-bəl\

Simple Definition of affable

  • : friendly and easy to talk to

Full Definition of affable

  1. 1 :  being pleasant and at ease in talking to others <an affable host>

  2. 2 :  characterized by ease and friendliness <an affable manner>

af·fa·bil·i·ty play \ˌa-fə-ˈbi-lə-tē\ noun
af·fa·bly play \-blē\ adverb

Examples of affable

  1. Bertie's a bright, affable fellow, but every little success he has feels cheapened in comparison with his dad's overpowering accomplishments. —Lev Grossman, Time, 7 Feb. 2005

  2. In repose, he can be affable and quite funny. But woe betide anyone who crosses him or who fails to perform to his demanding standards. —Anthony Bianco et al., Business Week, 9 Sept. 2002

  3. The owner emerged from a galley kitchen … to explain that the restaurant was supposed to be closed. This roly-poly man with graying locks above a noble, high forehead was affable and articulate, not your average short-order cook. —John Krich, San Francisco Examiner, 21 Aug. 1994

  4. a lively, affable young fellow

  5. <as the show's affable host, she keeps the freewheeling gabfest from getting out of hand>

Origin of affable

Middle English affabyl, from Anglo-French, from Latin affabilis, from affari to speak to, from ad- + fari to speak — more at ban

First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of affable

gracious, cordial, affable, genial, sociable mean markedly pleasant and easy in social intercourse. gracious implies courtesy and kindly consideration <the gracious award winner thanked her colleagues>. cordial stresses warmth and heartiness <our host was cordial as he greeted us>. affable implies easy approachability and readiness to respond pleasantly to conversation or requests or proposals <though wealthy, she was affable to all>. genial stresses cheerfulness and even joviality <a genial companion with a ready quip>. sociable suggests a genuine liking for the companionship of others <sociable people who enjoy entertaining>.

Rhymes with affable

AFFABLE Defined for Kids


adjective af·fa·ble \ˈa-fə-bəl\

Definition of affable

  1. :  friendly and easy to talk to <an affable talk show host>

af·fa·bly \-blē\ adverb

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