noun ad·van·tage \əd-ˈvan-tij\

: something (such as a good position or condition) that helps to make someone or something better or more likely to succeed than others

: a good or desirable quality or feature

: benefit or gain

Full Definition of ADVANTAGE

:  superiority of position or condition <higher ground gave the enemy the advantage>
:  a factor or circumstance of benefit to its possessor <lacked the advantages of an education>
a :  benefit, gain; especially :  benefit resulting from some course of action <a mistake which turned out to our advantage>
b obsolete :  interest 2a
:  the first point won in tennis after deuce
to advantage
:  so as to produce a favorable impression or effect <wishing to be seen to advantage>

Examples of ADVANTAGE

  1. Higher ground gave the enemy the advantage.
  2. He has an unfair advantage over us because of his wealth.
  3. His plan has the advantage of being less expensive than other options.
  4. He lacked the advantages of an advanced education.
  5. Speed is an advantage in most sports.
  6. The company's only advantage over the competition is its location.
  7. Applicants for this job will find that previous experience is an advantage.
  8. Being able to set your own schedule is one of the advantages of owning a business.
  9. Among the advantages of a small college is its campus life.
  10. There isn't any advantage in leaving early.


Middle English avantage, from Anglo-French, from avant before, from Late Latin abante
First Known Use: 1523



Definition of ADVANTAGE

transitive verb
:  to give an advantage to :  benefit

Examples of ADVANTAGE

  1. <there's no question that that bicycle racer was significantly advantaged by a great set of genes>

First Known Use of ADVANTAGE

ADVANTAGING Defined for Kids


noun ad·van·tage \əd-ˈvan-tij\

Definition of ADVANTAGE for Kids

:  something that benefits the one it belongs to <Speed is an advantage in sports.>
:  the fact of being in a better position or condition <His great height is an advantage in basketball.>
:  personal benefit or gain <It's to your own advantage to study.>


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