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adjective ad·sci·ti·tious \ˌad-sə-ˈti-shəs\

Definition of adscititious

  1. :  derived or acquired from something extrinsic

Did You Know?

Adscititious comes from a very "knowledgeable" family-it ultimately derives from scire, the Latin verb meaning "to know." Scire also gave us science, conscience, prescience ("foreknowledge"), and nescience ("lack of knowledge"). Adscititious itself comes to us from scire by way of the Latin verb adsciscere, which means "to admit" or "to adopt." This explains why adscititious describes something adopted from an outside source.

Origin of adscititious

Latin adscitus, from past participle of adsciscere to admit, adopt, from ad- + sciscere to get to know, from scire to know — more at science

First Known Use: 1620

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