noun \ˈdīm\

: a U.S. or Canadian coin that is worth 10 cents

Full Definition of DIME

a :  a coin of the United States worth 110 dollar
b :  a petty sum of money
:  a Canadian 10-cent piece
slang :  a packet containing 10 dollars worth of an illicit drug (as marijuana) —called also dime bag
a dime a dozen
:  so plentiful or commonplace as to be of little esteem or slight value
on a dime
:  in a very small area <these cars can turn on a dime>
:  instantly

Examples of DIME

  1. <the beauty of this deal is that all the extras won't cost you a dime>

Origin of DIME

Middle English, tenth part, tithe, from Anglo-French disme, dime, from Latin decima, from feminine of decimus tenth, from decem ten — more at ten
First Known Use: 1786


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