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noun Az·tec \ˈaz-ˌtek\

Definition of Aztec

  1. 1 a :  a member of a Nahuatl-speaking people that founded the Mexican empire conquered by Cortes in 1519 b :  a member of any people under Aztec influence

  2. 2 :  nahuatl


play \ˈaz-ˌte-kən, ˌaz-ˈte-\ adjective

Origin and Etymology of aztec

Spanish azteca, from Nahuatl aztēcah, plural of aztēcatl

First Known Use: 1814

Rhymes with aztec

Atrek, Baalbek, bed check, bedeck, Birkbeck, Bishkek, blank check, boatneck, breakneck, bull neck, cowl-neck, crew neck, cromlech, crookneck, cross-check, ewe-neck, exec, fact-check, flight deck, flyspeck, forecheck, foredeck, gooseneck, gut check, haček, hatcheck, henpeck, high tech, hook check, in check, Kazbek, kopeck, limbeck, longneck, low-tech, Mixtec, on deck, OPEC, parsec, paycheck, pinchbeck, poop deck, rain check, rebec, ringneck, roll-neck, roughneck, samekh, shipwreck, spell-check, spot-check, Steinbeck, sundeck, tape deck, tenrec, Toltec, Uzbek, V-neck, vo-tech, Waldeck, Warbeck, well deck, wryneck, xebec

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to introduce or suggest indirectly

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