noun \mēs-ˈtek, mis-, mēsh-, mish-\
plural Mixtec or Mixtecs

Definition of MIXTEC

:  the language of the Mixtec people
:  a member of an American Indian people of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico

Origin of MIXTEC

American Spanish mixteco, from Nahuatl mixtēcatl, literally, inhabitant of Mixtlan (mountainous area of western Oaxaca), from mix- cloud + -tēcatl person (from)
First Known Use: 1850


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Indian population in southern Mexico. They attained a high degree of civilization in Aztec and pre-Aztec times, leaving behind written records. Today they practice shifting cultivation and also hunt, fish, herd, and gather wild foods. Their crafts include ceramics and weaving. Nominally Roman Catholic and active in church brotherhoods (cofradías), they blend pre-Christian beliefs and practices with Catholic rituals.


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