hoist by/on/with one's own petard

Definition of hoist by/on/with one's own petard

  1. :  hurt by something that one has done or planned :  harmed by one's own trick or scheme a politician who has been hoist by his own petard

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  lift, raise

    :  to raise into position by or as if by means of tackle

    :  drink

  1. :  an act of raising or lifting :  an act of hoisting (see 1hoist)

    :  an apparatus (as a tackle or a hydraulic lift) for lifting or raising :  an apparatus for hoisting (see 1hoist)

    :  the height of a flag when viewed flying

  1. : used to express immediate or direct kinship

  1. :  to have or hold as property :  possess

    :  to have power or mastery over

    :  to acknowledge to be true, valid, or as claimed :  admit

  1. :  a case containing an explosive to break down a door or gate or breach a wall

    :  a firework that explodes with a loud report

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