gird (up) one's loins

Definition of gird (up) one's loins

  1. :  to prepare oneself for a fight or for some difficult task The company is girding its loins for what could be a long strike.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to encircle or bind with a flexible band (such as a belt)

    :  to make (something, such as clothing or a sword ) fast or secure (as with a cord or belt)

    :  surround

  1. :  to sneer at :  mock

    :  gibe, rail

  1. :  a sarcastic remark

  1. :  in or into a higher position or level

    :  away from the center of the earth

    :  from beneath the ground or water to the surface

  1. :  risen above the horizon

    :  standing

    :  being out of bed

  1. : used as a function word to indicate motion to or toward or situation at a higher point of

    :  up into or in the

    :  in a direction regarded as being toward or near the upper end or part of

  1. :  one in a high or advantageous position

    :  an upward slope

    :  a period or state of prosperity or success

  1. :  to rise from a lying or sitting position

    :  to move upward :  ascend

    : used with and and another verb to indicate that the action of the following verb was either surprisingly or abruptly initiated

loinplay loins
  1. :  the part of a human being or quadruped on each side of the spinal column between the hipbone and the false ribs

    :  a cut of meat comprising this part of one or both sides of a carcass with the adjoining half of the vertebrae included but without the flank

    :  the upper and lower abdominal regions and the region about the hips

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to cast off or become cast off

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