due care/caution/diligence

Definition of due care/caution/diligence

  1. :  the appropriate or proper care/caution/diligence under the circumstances The court agreed that he failed to exercise due care in trying to prevent the accident.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  owed or owing as a debt

    :  owed or owing as a natural or moral right

    :  according to accepted notions or procedures :  appropriate

  1. :  something due (see 1due) or owed: such as

    :  something that rightfully belongs to one

    :  a payment or obligation required by law or custom :  debt

  1. :  directly, exactly

    :  duly

  1. :  suffering of mind :  grief

    :  a disquieted state of mixed uncertainty, apprehension, and responsibility

    :  a cause for such anxiety

  1. :  to feel trouble or anxiety

    :  to feel interest or concern

    :  to give care

  1. :  warning, admonishment

    :  precaution

    :  prudent forethought to minimize risk

  1. :  to advise caution to :  warn

  1. :  steady, earnest, and energetic effort :  persevering application :  assiduity

    :  speed, haste

    :  the attention and care legally expected or required of a person (as a party to a contract)

  1. :  stagecoach

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