clutch/grasp at straws

Definition of clutch/grasp at straws

  1. :  to try to solve a problem by doing things that probably will not help I asked her for a loan. I didn't think she'd agree, but at that point I was grasping at straws.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to grasp or hold with or as if with the hand or claws usually strongly, tightly, or suddenly

    :  clench

    :  to seek to grasp and hold

  1. :  the claws or a hand in the act of grasping or seizing firmly

    :  an often cruel or unrelenting control, power, or possession

    :  the act of grasping, holding, or restraining

  1. :  made or done in a crucial situation

    :  successful in a crucial situation

  1. :  a nest of eggs or a brood of chicks

    :  group, bunch

  1. :  to make the motion of seizing :  clutch

    :  to take or seize eagerly

    :  to clasp or embrace especially with the fingers or arms

  1. :  handle

    :  embrace

    :  hold, control

strawplay straws
  1. :  stalks of grain after threshing

    :  dry stalky plant residue used like grain straw (as for bedding or packing)

    :  a natural or artificial heavy fiber used for weaving, plaiting, or braiding

  1. :  made of straw

    :  of, relating to, or used for straw

    :  of the color of straw :  pale yellow in color

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