champing/chomping at the bit

Definition of champing/chomping at the bit

  1. :  waiting in an impatient way to do something We've all been champing at the bit to get started on the project.

Word by Word Definitions

champplay champing
  1. :  chomp

    :  mash, trample

    :  to make biting or gnashing movements

  1. :  champion

chompplay chomping
  1. :  to chew or bite on something

    :  champ

    :  to chew or bite on

  1. :  the biting or cutting edge or part of a tool

    :  a replaceable part of a compound tool that actually performs the function (such as drilling or boring) for which the whole tool is designed

    :  the jaws (see 1jaw 2a) of tongs or pincers

  1. :  to put part of a bridle in the mouth of (a horse) :  to put a bit (see 1bit 2a) in the mouth of (a horse)

    :  to control as if with a bit

    :  to form a bit (see 1bit 4) on (a key)

  1. :  a small quantity of food

    :  a small delicacy

    :  a small piece or quantity of some material thing

  1. :  a unit of computer information equivalent to the result of a choice between two alternatives (such as yes or no, on or off)

    :  the physical representation of a bit by an electrical pulse, a magnetized spot, or a hole whose presence or absence indicates data

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