Main Entry: 1cer·tain
Pronunciation: \ˈsər-tən\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Vulgar Latin *certanus, from Latin certus, from past participle of cernere to sift, discern, decide; akin to Greek krinein to separate, decide, judge, Old Irish criathar sieve
Date: 13th century
: fixed, settled <a certain percentage of the profit>
: of a specific but unspecified character, quantity, or degree <the house has a certain charm>
a : dependable, reliable <a certain remedy for the disease>
b : known or proved to be true : indisputable <it is certain that we exist>
a : inevitable <the certain advance of age>
b : incapable of failing : destined —used with a following infinitive <she is certain to do well>
: assured in mind or action <I am certain they are right>
for certain
: as a certainty : assuredly <the cause is not known for certain>
of a certain age
: of a somewhat advanced age : no longer young <remembered by people of a certain age>