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Synonyms and Antonyms of willingly

  1. 1 by choice or preference <I would not willingly eat liver, but sometimes I have no choice> Synonyms fain, first, preferably, readily, soon, ratherRelated Words alternately, alternatively, either, instead; electively, optionally; desirably, gladly, wishfully; obligingly, voluntarilyNear Antonyms reluctantly; forcibly, willy-nillyAntonyms involuntarily, unwillingly

  2. 2 of one's own free will <I willingly made the campaign contribution; no one pressured me into doing so> Synonyms freely, voluntarilyRelated Words consciously, deliberately, intentionally, knowingly, wittingly; acquiescently, consentingly; electively, optionallyNear Antonyms unconsciously, unintentionally, unknowingly, unwittingly; reluctantlyAntonyms involuntarily, unwillingly

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