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Synonyms and Antonyms of waterless

  1. marked by little or no precipitation or humidity <cacti prefer a nearly waterless environment> Synonyms arid, droughty, sere (also sear), thirsty, dryRelated Words air-dry; bone-dry, hyperarid, ultradry; baked, dehydrated, parched, sunbaked; rainless; desert, desertic, desertlike, xerothermicNear Antonyms awash, bathed, doused (also dowsed), drenched, dripping, saturated, soaked, soaking, sodden, soggy, sopping, soppy, soused, washed, watered, waterlogged, watery; deluged, drowned, flooded, inundated, overflowed; submerged, swamped; hydratedAntonyms damp, dank, humid, moist, wet

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