Synonyms and Antonyms of WATCH

to keep one's eyes on <I turned my head to continue watching the bird as it flew away>
Synonyms eye, follow, observe
Phrases have one's eye on
Near Antonyms blink, wink
to take notice of and be guided by <watch what I do when I run into that kind of problem>
Synonyms follow, listen (to), mind, note, observe, regard, watch
Related Words consider, contemplate, mull, ponder, weigh; comply (with), conform (to), keep, obey, respect; attend (to), hark (to), hear, hearken (to); mark, notice, see
Near Antonyms brush (aside or off), discount, dismiss, gloss (over), gloze (over), neglect, pass over, pooh-pooh (also pooh), scorn, shrug off; defy, flout; slight, snub
to pay continued close attention to (something) for a particular purpose <watched the situation to see if it improved>
Synonyms cover, watch
to have an interest or concern for <you should watch what you eat if you want a long, healthy life>
Synonyms look out (for), mind, watch
Related Words attend, heed, regard; note, notice, observe; empathize (with), feel (for), sympathize (with)
Near Antonyms disregard, ignore, overlook
to take charge of especially on behalf of another <hired a high school girl to watch their daughter until they got home from work>


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