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Synonyms and Antonyms of wandering

  1. 1 passing from one topic to another <your decidedly wandering essay loses its punch—stick to one theme> Synonyms desultory, digressional, digressionary, digressive, excursive, leaping, maundering, meandering, rambling, discursiveRelated Words circuitous, deviating, devious, indirect, roundaboutNear Antonyms coherent, consistent, logical; direct, focused (also focussed), straightforward, undeviating

  2. 2 traveling from place to place <a wandering carnival that visited small towns all over the South> Synonyms ambulant, ambulatory, errant, fugitive, gallivanting (also galavanting), nomad, nomadic, perambulatory, peregrine, peripatetic, ranging, roaming, roving, vagabond, vagrant, itinerant, wayfaringRelated Words drifting, footloose, meandering, rambling; sauntering, strolling, traipsing, walking; migrant, migratoryNear Antonyms immobile, nonmoving, settled, standing, static, stationary; motionless, still

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