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Synonyms and Antonyms of ungrateful

  1. 1 not likely to be appreciated by those who benefit <the park's custodial staff has the ungrateful job of cleaning up after the Independence Day party is over> Synonyms unappreciated, thanklessRelated Words uncredited, underappreciated, underrated, undervalued, unnoticed, unrecognized, unrewarded, unsung, unvaluedNear Antonyms credited, esteemed, honored, prized, recognized, regarded, rewarded, valued; creditable, meritorious, praiseworthyAntonyms appreciated

  2. 2 not showing gratitude <although the food was being provided for free, the ungrateful recipients could not refrain from complaining that it was not to their liking> Synonyms unappreciative, thanklessRelated Words rude, thoughtless, ungraciousNear Antonyms beholden, indebted; gratified, pleased; courteous, gracious, thoughtfulAntonyms appreciative, grateful, obliged, thankful

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