Definition of TRAP

a device or scheme for capturing another by surprise <undercover agents devised a trap to catch the counterfeiters> <a bear trap>
Synonyms ambush, net, snare, web
a setup in which hidden attackers lie in wait <an overland route to the Far East that was once notorious for the many robbers who laid traps for unsuspecting wayfarers>
Synonyms ambuscade, ambushment, surprise (also surpize), trap
something that catches and holds <the promotion is really just a trap to keep her from taking a new job elsewhere>
slangĀ  the opening through which food passes into the body of an animal <shut your trap before someone belts you one!>
Synonyms chops, gob [chiefly British], kisser [slang], mug, piehole [slang], trap [slang], yap [slang]

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