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Synonyms and Antonyms of tradesman

  1. 1 a buyer and seller of goods for profit <an antique dealer who's known as a good tradesman, buying his items cheaply and selling them for a hefty profit> Synonyms dealer, merchandiser, trader, merchant, traffickerRelated Words businessman, enterpriser, entrepreneur; buyer, marketer, purchaser; hawker, huckster, hustler, peddler (also pedlar); retailer, seller, shopkeeper, storekeeper, vendor (also vender); engrosser, monopolist; jobber, middleman, wholesaler; distributor, provider, provisioner, purveyor, supplier

  2. 2 a person whose occupation requires skill with the hands <carpenters joining the tradesmen's union> Synonyms artificer, crafter, craftsman, craftsperson, handcraftsman, handicrafter, handicraftsman, handworker, artisanRelated Words craftswoman; artist, maker; journeyman, master; mechanic, operative, shaper, smith, technician, wright; handyman, handyperson, workman

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