Definition of TRACE

a mark or series of marks left on a surface by something that has passed along it <the wolf came and went without leaving a trace on the hard, dry ground>
Synonyms imprint, trace, trail
a passage cleared for public vehicular travel <an old trace that dates back to the days of the covered wagon>
a rough course or way formed by or as if by repeated footsteps <stay on the trace, or you'll get lost in these thick woods>
a tiny often physical indication of something lost or vanished <a ship that appears to have vanished without a trace on the high seas>
Synonyms echo, ghost, relic, shadow, trace
an almost imperceptible sign of something <there didn't seem to be so much as a trace of the truth to anything he said>
the mark or impression made by a foot <followed the traces of the deer into the deep woods>
Related Words hoofprint; pug, spoor, track; tread

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